Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Rewind...

So I am posting a ton today, to try and catch up before I get behind on our family journal/blog. Time flies when you are having fun & making lots of memories. Summer has been great so far & wanted to make a few posts about what the Hills are up to.

I have decided to try to have the perspective on life such as my kids. Oh my goodness, to look through the eyes of a child.
*Almost everything is a game, or some form of fun.
*They know Heavenly Father loves THEM.
*Honesty is their best policy. :) Sometimes comedy.
*Everyone is a hero.
*There is no time concept.
*Money is worthless.
*Anything is possible.
*They forget they got hurt almost instantly after the accident.
*Anything can be solved or fixed with a hug and kiss.
*Love is unconditional.
*As soon as they know they have done something wrong, they are quick to apologize.
*They forgive and forget like no one's business.
*Life is sweeter.
*They love, love, love to be a good helper.
*They usually are willing to try ANYTHING, and not hold back.
I wonder who is really being taught here. Me or my kids? It seems to me that I am always learning more and more each day from them. They remind me everyday of the small and simple, yet wonderful and joyous principals of life. No wonder our ultimate goal in life is "to become like a little child".

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  1. Kids are so much fun! I feel like Bentley teaches me more than I teach him. By the way.... that totally cracked me up about Ryan telling stories to Gaje about Harry the Crippled.. whats in the bag?? hehehe