Thursday, August 26, 2010


"Goxy" (Roxy) our Nana & Papa's dog has become Pyper's favorite... girlfriend. I caught Pyper trying to polish Goxy's toenails. A few months later, she got a little nip from Goxy when she pulled out one of her whiskers. Then, I found her with a hole punch and one of Goxy's ears in hand... she told Goxy she was going to get earrings. It was even better when she put lip gloss all over Goxy's nose and mouth. She would tell Roxy... "No more k Goxy?! Okay, just a little bit mo. " She would reapply the lip gloss and Goxy went to town licking it all off. To top it all off, poor Goxy gets time out for "2 minutes" all day long from Sassy Pants Pyper. Pyps even told her, "I. Am. A. Child. Of. GOD. Goxy. Otay?!" She gets dowsed in lotion and sunscreen, she gets to wear hats, sunglasses, baby doll shoes and dishtowels for a saddle, she is a trampoline, she is a slide, she is a horsie ride, she is Pyper's dinner disposal, she gets her ears yacked off by chatty Pyper all day long, she gets scared by Pyper and her "scary teeth", she gets her hair blown dried with the pretend hairdryer, she is literally Pyper's best girlfriend, she is loved.

For the LOVE

After 5 years he is still ridiculously attached to this BLANKET aka "Foofie"

Monday, August 23, 2010


Summer {2010}:
Fourth of July fireworks & dinner

Skaters... even Daddy is tearing it up.

G is LOVING skateboarding...
Little Sassy P wants in on the action so badly.
First day of Kindergarten. :(

G's special dinner before school.

Reunited with his mom. That has to be one of the best feelings!
Everyone thought it would be fun to dress up like hillbillies for J's homecoming... it was pretty darn funny.
G & R (best buds/cousins ever) with their "hillbilly teeth" for J's homecoming from Alabama!

G's volcano kit... it was a huge hit!
My little helper/shadow with her new apron.
Hill Family Cali Trip

We did it Katey!! :) Good times... you know me a little too well after this trip... if you know what I mean.

Beach side bike rides...

S & P... P is obsessed with her! She even named her baby doll after her!! :)

T & G- the boogie boarders!

Papa "The Sea Monster"

Sea World
Fishing at Big Lake
Sewing P jammies.
P finally started PEDALING!!!
Nana & P at lake
G & J (buds)
Gaje GETTING UP on his first try!

Riding horses with Papa.
Story time at the library

Looking back... I think
where did summer go?! We had sooo much fun this summer and made fabulous memories. We will miss the pool days, lake days, beach days, camping trips & G being at home. But, we are excited for fall... just around the corner... especially for cooler weather!!