Friday, June 26, 2009

"Birt-day Boy!"

June 26, 2005 (5 pounds 11 ounces) "Little peanut"

Holding you for the first time. (I totally look like I am thirteen.)

First birthday

Fall 2007

You love baseball.... fell asleep with your glove on watching a baseball movie...

Your black eye Christmas eve, had to take you to Urgent Care.

Laundry "helper"

You wanted to help the doctor deliver Kade...

Pyper's first day home. You were very curious...

The day our family became whole.

Soccer star

Oh my goodness, how time flies! Gaje. I wish I could go back...and just hold you. (Doesn't every mother?) I wish these photos could talk, oh the stories they would tell. You have been through so much in such a short time. You constantly amaze me with your wisdom. You soak up information and process it, then come up with deep insight. Wow. You have the greatest and sweetest personality. You are always trying to make others happy and smile. I remember several times last year when we were going through a tough time, you would always smile at me and give me a big hug and tell me, "it be okay mom." Lately in the mornings you get up super early, and come to me in my bed and ask, "can I lay down by you?" I nod and skootch over, then you rub my back as I sleep. Through out the day you will test my boundaries, as all little boys do to their mothers. You will call my name several times, and just when I think I have had enough you will say, "Mom?" I will ask, "What..." in a low grumbly voice. You reply with, "I just love you. That's all." My heart melts instantly. This happens at least 8 times a day. How did I get to be so lucky to have you, sweet boy? You have always seem to have played a protector role over Pyper and myself. I love it. I am so proud to be your mother. I love your innocence and tender heart. You truly care about others. I can't believe it has been four years since the first time I held you. Everyday I remind myself, with your help of course, how truly blessed I am to have you in my life. Even if I have to share you, our time together is irreplaceable. I love you little buddy. Hope you have a great "birt-day"!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Missy

Okay, seriously. What am I going to do with you?! I was driving on the freeway, and heard you laughing hysterically, in your contagious/adorable laugh. I smiled & turned around to watch you, when the smile instantly disappeared. I wanted to know where the heck you got the chocolate from, and why you thought it was so hilarious to wipe melted chocolate all over your hair, face, hands and toes, then LICK the chocolate off your feet???!!! Fabulous. Gaje was screaming because you were LOOKING at him and WAVING as you were SMILING. Monday, Gaje called my name from outside saying, "MOM! Ewww! There is something yucky outside on the porch!!!" When I looked out the window, you had stripped down, and pooped on the porch. This morning Gaje walked into the kitchen and said, "Gosh! It smells like poop in here. (GASP!) Pyper pooped under the table!! Ah, man, and she peed in my bedroom." Come on, sister, give us a break!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy "Friday Night"

Ryan and I met on a Tuesday, and set a date for that Friday Night. A group of girls get together on Thursdays, so as I was explaining Ryan to the women it got confusing, everyone was asking questions and confusing each other. We decided to called him "Friday". The name has stuck, even to this day. It's pretty dang funny. Our official date night is Friday, and always try to do something fun. Last Friday, Ryan surprised me with the chopper. It was so, so, so fun. Above the headlight is a small, fanny pack (remember those?!) sized bag. We fit two movie cups, two pairs of sunglasses, a hat, and cell phone inside. Can you believe it?! We were busting up laughing trying to get it to zip up. Plus, you should have seen my hair at the end of the journey. Yikes. As we were driving on the freeway, it was a smidge overcast. I leaned forward to Ryan, looking at my arm and said, "Oh no. I think it is going to rain." He got a huge smile on his face as he yelled over his shoulder, "No, babe. Those are bugs." Lovely. We had a fabulous time. Hope you have a great "Friday Night."

Summer Rewind...

So I am posting a ton today, to try and catch up before I get behind on our family journal/blog. Time flies when you are having fun & making lots of memories. Summer has been great so far & wanted to make a few posts about what the Hills are up to.

I have decided to try to have the perspective on life such as my kids. Oh my goodness, to look through the eyes of a child.
*Almost everything is a game, or some form of fun.
*They know Heavenly Father loves THEM.
*Honesty is their best policy. :) Sometimes comedy.
*Everyone is a hero.
*There is no time concept.
*Money is worthless.
*Anything is possible.
*They forget they got hurt almost instantly after the accident.
*Anything can be solved or fixed with a hug and kiss.
*Love is unconditional.
*As soon as they know they have done something wrong, they are quick to apologize.
*They forgive and forget like no one's business.
*Life is sweeter.
*They love, love, love to be a good helper.
*They usually are willing to try ANYTHING, and not hold back.
I wonder who is really being taught here. Me or my kids? It seems to me that I am always learning more and more each day from them. They remind me everyday of the small and simple, yet wonderful and joyous principals of life. No wonder our ultimate goal in life is "to become like a little child".

Just Add Water...

So fun. The kids are enjoying every day of the summer. They love to play in the pool, it is amazing how busy it keeps them. Just a few photos I snapped. I love how happy they have been since we moved into our new house! :)

Soccer Star

Great job Gaje! You learned so much this season! The first few games were rough, but you caught on and pulled your team through some good games. You scored the only four points of a game one time, and got the first penalty I have ever heard of in 3-4 year old soccer. Go "Team Gaje"!We are proud of you bud! Love, Mom, Daddy & Pyper

"Bedtime Stories"

Usually every night, Daddy tells Gaje a bedtime story. I never hear the stories because I am usually busy getting other things ready for the next day, or singing to Pyper. So, Gaje always, always loves bedtime routine. After bath, he chooses a book, I read it to him, then asks for a bedtime story from Daddy, then prayers together. Always. The other day I watched a close friends boys, who Gaje loves. They begged me to put the movie, "Bedtime Stories" on with Adam Sandler. So, a few minutes into the movie, Brecken turns to Gaje and says, "My dad tells me bedtime stories about three little bears." Gaje, not missing a beat, turns to Brecken and says, "Well, my dad tells me bedtime stories about Harry the Cripple."

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Lake

Pyper & Daddy

Cute Abby

Bentley & Gaje "chillin"


Ben & Benji

Gaje & "Nana Hill"

The lake was super fun with the Hill family, I have such wonderful in-laws! We had such a great time! Gaje and Pyper didn't quite know what to think of the water. However, by the end of the day, they were loving it! Can't wait for the next lake trip! :)

**(okay girls, you can save the pictures to your computer to print by right clicking on the photo you want, and clicking "save picture as".