Saturday, September 29, 2012

lake arrowhead

 This weekend was much needed. It was so nice to get away to cooler weather, the mountains, lake and gorgeous views. Lots of laughter and yummy food. Thanks Pearson fam!
our "home" for the weekend

us girls, having a BLAST on the lake

our view from home

love this sweet girl!

the cute pearson girls

before. pacifer in o's mouth
after. L stole the pacifer

Thursday, September 27, 2012

craft wars: halloween style

The Beehive class was in charge of the combined activity this month. We decided to overwhelm ourselves with CRAFT WARS. Our theme was Halloween. Each class had to decorate their Ez-Up for the upcoming ward Fall Festival (each class is in charge of a booth). We had lots of donations from our ward members to make this night so incredible, the girls had a blast! It was hilarious to see what they used to come up with decorations and ideas for their booths. Loved it!!

p update

update: you love school. everything about it. you love getting dressed up, doing your hair, choosing a snack and putting your back pack on. this is so refreshing. why can't this carry through to sunday & getting ready for church?! you love your friends and your teacher. i love that before you hop out of the car you always turn around and give me a big smooch and tell me how much you love me.

oh. and by the way, i think you are just as obsessed with shoes as i am. we are in trouble.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Had such a fun day with my sister & friends. We went to a store in Phoenix and scored some adorable shoes at great prices for our kids. Boy were we excited. I thought Molly was going to have an anxiety attack before the doors opened... been there, done that. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

christopher creek

the two besties. love.

i feel so very, very blessed when i look at this photo.

photo courtesy of: g

like father, like daughter... in SO many ways.
 This past weekend we had a chance to escape the heat for a short getaway. It was so glorious. Let me tell you, it was just what the family needed. So wonderful to be surrounded by God's beautiful creations and my dear sweet family. Loved not having to be on a tight schedule and be somewhere every 30 minutes. Much needed!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

oh this girl. she makes me so very happy indeed. love her, love her.

flag. game one.

This kid has always loved sports. One of his first words was "ball" and his life has revolved around it ever since. He started playing flag football this year, and is having a great time. I have to admit, he looks pretty intimidating. LOL

For the first time, these two FINALLY get to play a sport together. Who would guess they are only 1, yes 1 year apart?

Go Packers!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

welcoMe hoMe

Need I say more?! I think not. Glad you are back Hannah Banana, and happy we could embarrass the heck out of you.....and ourselves!

We Pray.

You did the absolute, most adorable thing I have seen yet. We were all gathered in Chick Fil A ready to eat. You looked around the table and the food, then at all of us...folded your little arms and bowed your head. Then looked back up at us and smiled, as if you were saying, "Prayer?!" You are the sweetest ever, ever.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oakley E.

It is so sad for me to think you won't be this small forever. Not even for the next 6 months. This time comes and goes all too quickly. I just love, love you at this stage...well, to be honest, I have loved all your stages. But this is what I want to remember about you, now, in this moment:
You're smile. Whether big or small, you always have a grin to greet me with. Well, anyone for that matter. You are always happy, always giggling, and toddling around. I love the way you look at me. We speak without words, and it is almost miraculous what we say to one another.

The littlest things excite you. Your body tenses up, you squeeze your hands in your lap & point your toes. I love it. Your favorite part of the day is when G comes home and Daddy walks through the door. You go crazy with excitement! You run to them with open arms and wet kisses. I love those daily reunions.

I love catching you looking this way. Innocent, sweet, with your lips puckered. I love your big, whatever color they are- eyes and round cheeks.

I want to remember the way you feel. So, so cuddly. Your long fluffy eyelashes, soft chubby cheeks, toothy smile, soft skin, and yes, if I have to admit it, bald. With a patch of raspy hair in the back. AKA: The rat's nest.

The way your long eyelashes rest on your cheeks.and you put your chin into your chest when you concentrate.

The way you climb. on. everything. Yes, everything. I have caught you in so many random places that you have climbed up on to. No matter how often I clean your little feet, they are always dirty with some little adventure you have been on.

Your chubby fingers. And wrists full of sparkle. You have gotten to be pretty good at using your fingers to eat, clap, blow kisses, hug, and sign.

This is my favorite. You make the exact face Dad does when he "zones out".

And this. Yes, crazy, but true. I love the way you cry. When you get so absolutely frazzled over the smallest things, not being about to climb in a dress, pick up something heavy, eat something of the floor, open a cupboard. Eyes squeezed shut, mouth open wide and hands in a fist. It is so gosh darn cute. Maybe because secretly I want to scream out like that when I am mad. And I love seeing your almost teeth. So, so cute.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sugar Monster

These kids love to be tickled. They beg for the "Sugar Monster" to come get the "sugar" in their necks and armpits and tickle spots. The highlight of my day is to listen to them roar with uncontrollable giggles. They all climbed under G's bed and begged for me to come tickle them. Seriously, so cute.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Second Day.

The second day went like this. "Mom, do you have to drive me today? Can I just ride with Layla?!"

But I sure was proud of your braid. Yes, yes I was.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of Preschool!

It happened. You were delighted. You begged me to curl your hair...which never happens, and even wanted to wear the bracelet we made, which also never happens. You entered the classroom like a pro... then ran back quickly to hug me and say, "Mom. I love you soo much." Thanks P, it was just what I needed. Oh how I love you & missed you today.

Glad you had Miss Layla at your side. Cutest girl friends!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

o bear

 Our favorite place.
 Came in to find this little girl perched up on her high chair, legs swinging and all smiles...Mild heart attack. I think she was trying to get that cookie! :)
 Any one need their nails polished?!
Oh, I love you. You truly are our sunshine. You bring some much laughter and joy into our home. You really have made our family grow together, in more ways than I can explain. We love you so.