Wednesday, February 24, 2010

While You Are Out.

While you are out I have kept myself rather busy... strictly with mom and wife duties of course. I am 100% positive it is only because I miss you so, so much and keeping busy is the only way to half way forget how long you are gone. Seriously. I. miss. you. so. much. It doesn't help that Pyper asks for you every 2 hours, and acts out little scenarios with you in them, or that Gaje's chin quivers and eyes fill up with tears every time I have to tell him how long you are gone..... which happens too often, and the prayers he offers in your behalf. Even more that Diesel complains that I don't feed or water him the way you do. We have been packing, sewing, packing, cleaning, packing, scrapbooking-ish, packing, baking, packing, laundry, packing, playing, and packing some more. I post all this in hopes it will push your homesickness over the edge, to the point you can't handle it anymore and have no choice but to come home. Wishfull thinking, but nonetheless, we will be hoping.... more like anxiously awaiting our hardworking, absolutley amazing daddy's homecoming. You are missed. You are appreciated. You are loved.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Gaje worked with Papa in his garage to earn money and saved his allowance to buy a monster truck. He was so happy to finally earn all of the 4 dollars to buy it. We made the trip to Target and he runs directly to the isle he has had memorized for weeks. He takes his time to look at each. and. every. monster. truck. As we are going to pay he is thoroughly studying the back of the box. He looks up at Pyper with a concerned look and says, "See Pyper! I told you! No babies allowed!" Pointing to a picture of a baby crossed out. Pyper looks back at him with puckered lips and replies, "Oh. Yep."