Friday, March 12, 2010

I Always Have a Happy Feeling When I Go to Church...

After breakfast was over, you were dressed and hair all dolled up. You were ready. I had no clue what you were so persistent on getting ready for, but you knew exactly where you were heading. I secretly watched you pull a tote bag out of Brother's closet and fill it with particular items.... I wasn't sure what they all had in common right at first. I soon learned. You filled the bag with:
1. Baby bottle.
2. Baby blanket.
3. Magnet Doodle.
4. Bag of fruit snacks.
5. Baby book.
6. Cell Phone.
7. Keys
8. Book of Mormon.
You put your favorite shoes on (slippers) and went to the door. You called me over and said, "Bye Mama. Love you too." blew a kiss, and out the front door you went, down the sidewalk. Uh... I scrambled after you and asked, "Where are you going sis?!" You turned around with out missing a beat and called, "OH! Church. Bye!" Off you went. After 10 minutes of convincing you that "church" should be inside the playroom, you finally came back inside. Gaje helped set up the chairs, and even volunteered to give the talk.

I couldn't believe you were brave enough to take both of your babies to church. Wow, what a hand full that must have been! One of them threw a terrible fit and you didn't look to thrilled your self. Good thing you brought fruit snacks and baby books. But, quickly reminded Gaje he couldn't have any. Gaje rolled his eyes and shook his head at you, then got up to give his talk.

Gaje gave a great lesson, and after you got that fussy baby to calm down, you even followed along. I watched you dig through your bag, wondering what possibly would come out next. Your scriptures. Naturally.

I am so glad you both love church as much as you do. Thanks for letting me sit in the room and take sneaky pictures. Especially for making me laugh and love motherhood as much as I do, you both make is sooo rewarding!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Love You Two.

I LOVE....

1. Your giggles.
2. Watching you blow kisses.
3. Your real, honest smile.
4. The excitement we share when we see each other after a long time apart.
5. Polishing your adorable, little toes.
6. You walking past me and saying, "Love you too" and continue walking.
7. When we are cuddling up and you "honk" my nose.
8. You share the secret we share, "I love you. Psst. Psst."
9. You are mine.
10. Your beautiful, blue eyes and they way you look at me through them.

I wouldn't trade any of these precious moments for anything. Even your terrible, terrific, wonderful "two" attitude. You are incredible. Love you sis.