Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Missy

Okay, seriously. What am I going to do with you?! I was driving on the freeway, and heard you laughing hysterically, in your contagious/adorable laugh. I smiled & turned around to watch you, when the smile instantly disappeared. I wanted to know where the heck you got the chocolate from, and why you thought it was so hilarious to wipe melted chocolate all over your hair, face, hands and toes, then LICK the chocolate off your feet???!!! Fabulous. Gaje was screaming because you were LOOKING at him and WAVING as you were SMILING. Monday, Gaje called my name from outside saying, "MOM! Ewww! There is something yucky outside on the porch!!!" When I looked out the window, you had stripped down, and pooped on the porch. This morning Gaje walked into the kitchen and said, "Gosh! It smells like poop in here. (GASP!) Pyper pooped under the table!! Ah, man, and she peed in my bedroom." Come on, sister, give us a break!!!


  1. You gotta have kids to understand all that!! hahaha.... Kids love to make messes..its apart of their curious nature.

  2. Love the whole "looking at me" thing. It's about time you have a kid that actually acts like a kid...only fair ya know. Are we still on for tomorrow? Call me

  3. miss aimee, your family is just too sweet. what an adorable mess! congrats again on the wedding. you looked stunning!