Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Bedtime Stories"

Usually every night, Daddy tells Gaje a bedtime story. I never hear the stories because I am usually busy getting other things ready for the next day, or singing to Pyper. So, Gaje always, always loves bedtime routine. After bath, he chooses a book, I read it to him, then asks for a bedtime story from Daddy, then prayers together. Always. The other day I watched a close friends boys, who Gaje loves. They begged me to put the movie, "Bedtime Stories" on with Adam Sandler. So, a few minutes into the movie, Brecken turns to Gaje and says, "My dad tells me bedtime stories about three little bears." Gaje, not missing a beat, turns to Brecken and says, "Well, my dad tells me bedtime stories about Harry the Cripple."

1 comment:

  1. I busted up laughing, literally, When you said that gaje recanted "well, my dad tells me stories of Harry the Cripple" I am so not surprised that story is coming from Ryan!! Too funny!!! One thing I know, is that ryan has a huge heart-- I have felt many times in my years knowing him!! He really is just jumping in, isn't he!!! Go, Dad Ryan!