Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Scream, Pyp's Cream

Bravely, I took P to Orange Patch Too. One of my favorite boutiques in Mesa, especially around the holidays. Most likely because I grew up loving it. My mom & aunts worked there seasonally and I loved going in a choosing a treat. Their candies, yogurt covered pretzels, ice cream & oranges are THE best! P choose pink icecream & made the biggest mess, but I captured the cutest photos out front! :) BTW, did you know, we wear shirts just so we can wipe our boogers & ice cream on them?! And here I was trying to be modest all these years, sheesh.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


September flew by, oh so fast! We had lots of fun enjoying the cool weather & activities the East Valley has to offer. Gosh I miss that side of town! :(

P has been super obsessed with birthdays this year. She asked almost every night for a month or so for me to sing the birthday song at bedtime. Randomly she became concerned about Roxy & her birthday. With P's help, or persistence...we decided to throw Roxy a birthday bash. It was actually, so so fun!

We even had "Pin the Tail on Roxy".

Love this man. He is so wonderful.
My BFF, love her.
We took the kids to see, "Little Mermaid" at Hale Theatre, such a great experience! We loved it just as much as the kids did!