Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy "Friday Night"

Ryan and I met on a Tuesday, and set a date for that Friday Night. A group of girls get together on Thursdays, so as I was explaining Ryan to the women it got confusing, everyone was asking questions and confusing each other. We decided to called him "Friday". The name has stuck, even to this day. It's pretty dang funny. Our official date night is Friday, and always try to do something fun. Last Friday, Ryan surprised me with the chopper. It was so, so, so fun. Above the headlight is a small, fanny pack (remember those?!) sized bag. We fit two movie cups, two pairs of sunglasses, a hat, and cell phone inside. Can you believe it?! We were busting up laughing trying to get it to zip up. Plus, you should have seen my hair at the end of the journey. Yikes. As we were driving on the freeway, it was a smidge overcast. I leaned forward to Ryan, looking at my arm and said, "Oh no. I think it is going to rain." He got a huge smile on his face as he yelled over his shoulder, "No, babe. Those are bugs." Lovely. We had a fabulous time. Hope you have a great "Friday Night."


  1. Totally, jealous!!! He knows how to impress his girl!!! Who's
    chopper is that??

  2. They are so fun! We rented one a year or so ago and did a couples over night trip in Sedona. I was too chicken to ride much but got a message and pedi while everyone else rode to Flagstaff and back to Sedona. That sounded like more fun! They are lots of fun to ride though. Love you girl.

  3. I love bikes. I wish I had fun Friday nights like that. You guys are so cute