Sunday, November 27, 2011

Five Months.

This month has blown by. You are growing like crazy & I am dying for you to slow down! At five months you love to Roll all around! Daddy says you are our little ball of sunshine rolling all around the house. He is so right. I noticed you started sucking your bottom lip or your thumb this month! You are just cute as ever & you have us ALL wrapped around your gosh darn adorable, little finger.

Friday, November 25, 2011

I AM Thankful.

I love this little guy. He keeps us on our toes! He always has something witty to say or a question that could stump anyone. He is such a sweet and thoughtful boy, always helping his sisters and parents. G-man loves school this year. He came home for Thanksgiving weekend with a pilgrim "piece of art"... It read, "I am thankful for God and army men." Wow. Profound coming from my little first grader. I am proud.... and also grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and brave men fighting for our freedom.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We Are A Happy Family...

I could not be more happy for the upcoming season.... I LOVE it! This year we made a "Thankful tree" to hang in our front room. Each day we add leaves with things we are grateful for. I have loved listening to the answers my little ones come up with and also some of our daddy's! :) Just a few: Warm water, snow, scarves, temples, Lovie Nana, prayer, birthdays, hugs, baby O's giggles, daddy's homecomings, bikes, indoor plumbing, cameras, our own home, Jesus Christ, Church, Horsey Papa, soft grass, swing set, Gus, friends, skis, home videos... and believe me, the list goes on, and on! Love you sweet family!