Monday, May 25, 2009

Making Memories

"Mom, I want to be JUST like Daddy!!" Hence, the similar outfits.

Taking a nap in the beautiful weather, Pyps snuggled up to Daddy.

Professional Marshmallow Roaster

Gaje and his horny toad.

Need I say more?!

Following the leader.

The boys, doing what they do best.

We had so much fun making memories as a family this weekend. I am so incredibly blessed with a wonderful husband and sweet kids. It was so fun to watch our family bond, and become even closer. These are the times we will look back on and cherish. I can' almost hear my mom saying, "I remember when...." or "I wish I could just go back to when..."Only more good, happy memories to come! I love you sweet family!


  1. That was beautiful.... I love it! Great memories.

  2. Aww Aimee I'm so glad that everything is working out for you. You have such a cute family and look so happy together!

  3. You are such a good lookin couple! It was fun at the lake with you guys!

  4. Congrats on the wedding!!!! You guys look so great and Happy together... A VERY cute family!!! I'm going to put you on my sidebar to keep in touch with you!

    Taya Goodwin:)

  5. Hey you cute family. You guys look like you had a good time!! Ben is jealous you went camping... hee... heee.... I guess I have to be more open to it!! Good for you girl!

  6. What fun! Camping is the best! ... Yes we call him Gaugey ... I remeber when Gaje was Gajey :)
    and I thought it was kinda funny but now I just can't help it!