Monday, May 25, 2009

Congratulations He He!

Congratulations Lexie! I can't believe you graduated! Wow how time flies! We love ya!

We sure love Hannah Banana too! I can't believe how tall you girls are!!

Rhett Rhett and Gaje {Buds} Haven't seen eachother for a while, so they are "catching up".

Shouldn't merry-go-rounds be outlawed?! Seriously, good times! Ha ha, Lexie fell O-F-F the merry-go-round right before her graduated ceremony. That's what happens when all of us adult girls (oxymoron?) hop on for a joy ride. Thanks for keeping us entertained! We all couldn't walk after wards. It's always good to see the Kelley Family, and for some reason it seems like we laugh the entire time we are together. The happiness and laughs are contagious. Love you guys, come visit soon!!!

Look at Kade, soo, soo cute!!!!

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