Tuesday, August 28, 2012

happy helper.

 That's it. I officially can't stand it. You are starting preschool next week. This is such a bittersweet milestone of your life for me. While feeling the pressure from the others to enroll you, I am holding on with a tight grip. Yes, SEVERAL people have drove me up the wall-crazy about enrolling you in preschool for two years now... but, it just hasn't felt right. The time you and I have been able to share together bonding, these past few years while G went to school is irreplaceable. I realize others may seem to think that a bit of early preschool would have done you some good but I am convinced otherwise. You will always have time for school... but you will only be my little girl for a short time. The time we have shared together thus far is far more important than anything you could have learned in preschool. And boy, as your mom, I have never felt so right. I love you Poodle. You. Are. My. Girl. I am crazy about you. I love your laugh, the way your eyes twinkle and your sparkly smile widens, I love the high pitched giggle that fills the room. I love after a tickle war, just the sight of my fingers wiggling in the air sends you to explode with uncontrollable laughter once again. You are beautiful, inside and out. I love your deep thoughts, when you sit in silence and drink in our heart felt talks. Then, respond in such a way that brings tears to my eyes.  Never, ever change. This next year of your life will be great as well, so busy... learning and preparing. So much fun and oh, so exciting!
I will miss you so much during the day... our chats, crafts, naps, errands and laughs. (I promise "O" will miss you lots too...but relieved to be able to walk down the hall without getting attacked with your mothering). We love you Pyps!

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