Thursday, April 22, 2010



1. You are finally potty-trained. {Halle-flippin-lujah!}
2. Our chitchats.
3. You speaking spanish.
4. Your sassiness & hip sister.
5. You not being able to leave the house with out a purse, lip gloss and sunglasses.
6. We are girlfriends and do everything together.

1. I leave you alone for 5 seconds and the house crashes to the floor.
2. You paint everything in sight with nail polish once a day... at least.
3. Pulling over on the Beeline so you can go potty.
4. You rolling Nana's curlers into the dog's hair & poking her eyes & riding her like a horse.
5. That these terrible yet "make me smile inside" situations will be gone before I know it.

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