Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter this year was just fabulous. It was so great to have the kids home to celebrate & be able to spend time with both sides of the families... isn't that the trick?! Wednesday we went to the Easter pageant at the temple. Gaje was so, so excited to go. During the pageant, he sighed heavily and turned to me asking, "When are we going to the Easter pageant?!" I explained, that is what we were watching. He replied with, "Ugh! Where is all the bunnies?!" What a great opportunity as a parent to share the true meaning of Easter and explain the most important gift we will ever receive to my son. I was grateful he had the opportunity to attend with us, watch his sweet, little testimony of the Savior grow. We spent part of the weekend with the Hills, and the other halfish with the Penrods... lots and lots of fun, food and family. Coloring eggs was a highlight, as was family from out of town, and of course, Easter morning. It was our first holiday together in about two years, so it was pretty much amazing for me as a mother. I absolutely overwhelmed with love watching the excitement, smiles, joy and laughter on my little family's faces as we share our first Easter together. I am a sucker for love, and smiles and warm fuzziness so for me, it was as good as it has gotten in a long while. As we watched conference, I had the opportunity to reflect upon myself and recognize all that for which I am grateful. Too often I find myself overwhelmed with my trials, which so many people face as well...if not worse. It usually leaves me feeling inadequate as a wife and mother in so many ways. However, I should be rejoicing in my trials, seeking learning opportunities and focusing on the blessings each one will bring. Looking back over the years there have truly been several times in my life when I honestly didn't know how I was going to get through some days, I was afraid of what was next in my life. What I didn't fully realize in the process, was the blessings that were being showered upon me daily. If I could only train myself to see blessings rather trials, what I difference it would make. Especially now, I have so much to be thankful for, how overwhelmingly grateful I am. So! I have the cutest, sweetest kids EVER and the most amazingly great, handsome, fun husband I could ever dream of. Two wonderful set of parents and families. Fabulous friends, who need to call me to meet for some yogurt. On a side note... I am homesick... where ever that may be.


  1. Okay. First of all... I miss you. Second... you look amazingly beautiful, LOVE the hair. Third... Molly looks amazingly beautiful & Paisley, oh my she's a keeper!! Fourth... I totally understand the homesick thing, that happens to me from time to time too. It will pass! I'm so glad you got to spend Easter with the kids & with your family who loves you so very much. Love ya girlie!

  2. I can feel your gratitude through your post so much and what a great place to be! I'm so happy that you got to have all those who you love and love you back with you for the Easter holiday. Your an amazing mommy and I am homesick for my friend!

  3. Love your thoughts about Easter! It was a fun Easter! I feel homesick sometimes and I've lived in my home for awhile.:) Change brings goodness/excitement and sometimes a longing of what was. Time of course, you know, heals! I hope the Lord brings lots of blessings to you and Ryan for many years to come! love ya, Jen