Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Family Motto

Life has been crazy with the move & remodeling, not to mention school starting & my girl starting kindergarten this year. It has been a whirlwind summer & we are finally settling into our new life... minus an oven and kitchen cupboards. Ry and I have worked & prayed on a family motto for years and after much thought, we finally settled on something. After months of planning and structurally building our house, we felt strongly not to leave out the focus of spiritually building within our home. We wanted our motto to be simple, yet powerful. Easy to remember, but something that would be imprinted on our children and family's hearts forever. Things we wish they would remember all through out their lives; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Focusing on each word separately and celebrating when our family members shine in these aspects. I am so blessed to be a mother raising my three beautiful children and feel so privileged and honored to do so. I am grateful to be able to stay at home doing what I love most, with my family in the center of it all. At times motherhood can be difficult. The hours long and the weight of it all exhausting... it's not for wimps that's for sure. But, it is however, the most fulfilling and rewarding title I will ever hold. Lucky me.

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  1. Lucky you indeed! Beautiful motto. Beautiful family.