Friday, December 18, 2009

Guess wHO wHO wHO???

Okay, seriously what a slacker I am. I am playing catch up. So many fun memories with Christmas right around the corner. This month started out with Pyper's 2nd birthday. I seriously can't believe I don't have a "baby" any more... it feels sooo weird!!! We had a fun Sunday dinner with the Penrod side and made our famous gingerbread houses we have made every year since I can even remember. We even have home videos of Molly in a high chair making them!!! :) So fun. I am not sure if my sweet husband has made them before or not, but being the contractor he is... I wasn't allowed to touch our house. The inner "kid" came out in him and he took over. It is a beautiful house, thanks Ry. Personally my favorite is our "flagstone" patio in front. I will say he "sub contracted" me to build a snowman in the front yard.. minus the hat I made for Frosty.

I took Gaje shopping a few weeks ago for the cousin names he drew in the family drawings and the Secret Santa game at preschool. However, in his mind it is the season of recieving still. He had a whole dollar he earned burning a hole in his pocket. He came with me to the store and we stopped by the toy section for him to by a racecar. After deciding and complaining and whining, he finally decided on one. We left the toy section and went to check out. Upon checking out, he discovered the car had a small amount of PURPLE on it. Oh, no. What to do. Seriously. The sky is falling. He chucked the car out of the shopping cart. Melted onto the floor and began screaming, crying, and all of that fun, fun grocery store business. I smiled, picked the car up, and handed it to the clerk. I explained we weren't going to purchase the car today, but we were going to go home and take naps. Gaje didn't notice any of this, he was super busy. We checked out, with him screaming about purple the whole way to the car. When we got to the car, he said, "So where is my gross, purple car anyways Mom?!" I smiled and told him, "Oh! I gave it back to the nice man who check us out. I told him you didn't like that car, and we would come back another time to look." I knew what would be coming next so I got in and drove home, singing as loud as I could to... "Santa Claus is coming to town" the whole. way. home. When we pulled into our driveway and I turned the music down. I turned around and smiled as big as I could at Gaje. He gave me the meanest face he could come up with and then said, "Oh, yeah!!! You know what I am going to do MOM?!!! I am writing a note to Santa RIGHT NOW! I am going to tell him that you are NAAAAUUUUUGHTY! And he won't bring you ANY presents!" He seemed pretty pleased with himself. I told him to "go rest his heart" on his bed, and he was out two minutes later.

Speaking of Saint Nick.... the sweet old man came to our house for our Preschool Christmas Party. He was the best Santa EVER! I. Could. NOT. Stop. Laughing. Seriously. I had the most handsome, charming man I know dress up... and didn't recognize him myself. It was so funny. He was so worried Pyper would recognize him and call, "DA DA!!!" But, oh no, just the opposite and quite hilarious. I still laugh thinking of it, I felt like a little girl, I could not pull myself together. I made Gaje take a picture of us together. By far my most favorite memory of sitting on Santa's lap! :)

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