Monday, September 14, 2009

Steadfast and Immovable

The Penrod family went on a camping trip/reunion which turned out to be a lot of fun! Each family prepared a quick devotional and activity every day of the trip. We were not too thrilled about it at first, but that became one of the most fun and memorable parts of the experience. Our family theme is "Steadfast and immovable abounding in good works", and we even had super cute shirts made. It was such a fun time to escape the heat and troubles of the world and spend time with family up north!

Balloon Launching was OUT-OF-CONTROL! Seriously. Enough said. By the way, girls rule and boys drool.

Pyper, after she climbed into the ice chest full of water.

Adorable clean Pyps, only lasted about 2 seconds, but she sure is cute!!

Ryan relaxing in our super comfy hammock. (The kids napping place)

Pops, our amazing chef of a man.

Pyps and her dirt crusted face, she rubbed her hands in the dirt, and with out missing a beat pushed her hair out of her face with her disgusting fingers.

The cowboys, Header: Spenc Hastings, Healer: Ryan Hill :)

Gaje, big shoes to fill...

Kyle and Spenc, the tournament champions.

Karson and Gaje

Cute, happy Kade. Soo sweet!

Gaje, and his fun $1 store airplane launcher.

Cute Kacie

Look at how disgusting his face is!!!

Gaje, super mad at Molly and I for riding his quad. Getting ready to teach us a lesson, but we sped away.

The girls


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  1. Looks like fun! It is so nice to be close as a family!:)