Monday, September 14, 2009

If You Give a Princess a Cookie...

If you give a princess a cookie....

it will make her think of milk....

that will make her think of her baby,bottle and blanket....

which will make her think of her favorite fluffy, cuddly puppy....and night night time

that makes her want mommy to rock her, which brings mom to wishing we could cuddle forever.

Sweet Pyper Jane~ Please don't grow up. Just stay sweet, sassy, and tiny forever. Please wear tutus, and have your cute bob hair cut that you push out of your face, sing me your cute jibber jabber songs, and tell me your stories. Follow me around, be my shadow, hold my hand, and keep begging me to polish your toes like mine. Want me to put "pretties" in your hair, keep wearing my jewelry and shoes around the house, keep Daddy wrapped around your finger, beg him to sing to you at night. Be Gaje's best friend forever. Let me rock you, let me hold you when you cry, sush me when your baby is sleeping, let me find you making little messes that always bring a smile to my face. Fold your cute little arms when we say prayers, always smile and laugh when you see me after a weekend away from eachother, look at me through your big blue eyes like I am your world, and hug me tight always. I love you. Stay my sweet baby girl forever.


  1. I dream of someday having a little girl who has a cute stacked bob, loves pink and baby dolls, and wears tu-tus! Kinda like Pyper. Oh wait, no exactly like Pyper!! hehe. This post was so sweet Aimee, she is darling!!

  2. Thanks Haylee! You are going to have the CUTEST little girl someday! Especially if you poof her hair like yours! :)