Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter: The Resurrection

I wanted our Easter Sunday lesson to be memorable in our class this year. Usually I tell the girls to ask lots of question, give lots of input and share their thoughts. Today however, I asked them just to listen.  I wanted them to feel the Spirit in a very tender and powerful way. The room was filled with pictures of Jesus Christ resurrected. I gave each girl a work sheet and a small pendant with a letter on one side & a scripture pasted on the other side. They each took their turn reading the scripture on the back of their pendant piece, then hung their pendant up in order. When the last scripture was read and the pendant was hung, the banner spelled "He is Risen" (a few pendants were blank on one side to separate the words). I then turned the lights off in the room and read a few of my favorite thoughts from an AMAZING talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin. The message was about darkness and the light and hope the resurrection brings to all. I wanted to get the feeling across by shutting the lights off while reading the messages and turning them back on again. I shared a few personal experiences, let the girls write feelings and thoughts on their worksheet, then spoke more about the light of the atonement. We then finished our lesson with a video called, "Come See the Light" and writing our testimonies on the back of the worksheet for a few minutes before we closed. Downloads for worksheet and scriptures below as well as links to the video & talk.

 Sunday Will Come- Joseph B. Wirthlin

Come See The Light

Resurrection Worksheet

Easter Scriptures


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  2. Dear Sister Hill,
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful lesson. We've just been called to be Senior Missionaries in our own stake as part of Hastening the Work. I read a book called 101 Ways to Hasten the Work. One suggestion was to create a blog which will be read by hundreds of people. Just think how far your blog will reach. Thank you for the lesson which I will use in my lessons to Less Actives.

    1. Diana, Thank you for sharing! I love that & appreciate your kind words!!