Sunday, December 2, 2012

5 years

I know birthdays are like an annual thing, but really... FIVE?! I can't stand it. I swear we must have jumped ahead somehow. You get all the more beautiful with every passing day. You have the cutest/craziest personality a girl could get. You are the life of the party at our house. Always dressed with a crazy outfit on, a collection of random stuff in your pockets and talking to your imaginary friends left & right. I love everything about you. Five of my very favorites are- Your silly, uncontrollable and very contagious giggle...just thinking of it now makes me smile. Your heart. So innocent and pure, very tender. Your ability to talk your way out of any situation. It is hilarious. When you get in trouble, I usually put you in time out and have to walk away out of fear for laughing about what you are telling me, or why you did something. Crazy girl. Those beautiful marble blue eyes. They are killer. Especially when you are tired. Daddy calls them your sad eyes. Your two left feet. As crazy as it sounds, it's adorable. We love to watch you run, dance or climb. Seriously Pyper Jane. You are one of my favorites in the whole wide world. I can't imagine my life with out adorable you. It wasn't by chance or accident you came into our lives when you did & they are forever better. Happy fifth birthday gorgeous girl.

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