Saturday, October 13, 2012

San Fran.

"Mom...take me with you. I fit, see?" Tempting, very tempting.

The first night we arrived in San Fran, we ate @ Joe's Crab Shack. A must. And a fabulous way to start off our trip!

Union Square.

China Town.
After the trolly we were on broke down & we heard it was going to be a fourty five minute wait, we decided to hop off. I mean honestly, how far could our hotel be & really, how steep could the streets really be?! Let me tell you, FAR & STEEP. We may or may not have gotten lost.

It didn't matter though. This guy kept me laughing the entire journey back.

Birthday boy request. Yum!
Birthday boy's birthday dinner. Over looking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Saw this and thought of G back home.

We were brave and ventured out on a city bus to an old AMC Theatre. It was at least 12 stories tall, our movie was on the top floor. Sooo fun!

 This was the most bittersweet part of the trip. It was so wonderful and much needed to chat with my lovies, but so, so painful to be away from them. Love these sweet kids! Thank goodness for Facetime.

 We took this speed boat ride out on the bay. It was seriously a good time. Definitely would recommend it.

 Best dinner we have ever had. Hands down.
Much needed quiet time. Obviously.

 So we had the brilliant idea to rent bikes and ride them over the Golden Gate Bridge. What an AMAZING experience. Especially on electric bikes. I felt bad for a whole two seconds for those using their own muscles to push their bikes up some serious climbs.
We got to Sausalito and decided instead of getting on the ferry with our bikes and riding back to drop off the bikes, we would journey on. We pulled out our iPhones and figured Muir Woods was only, oh, a few more miles. So on we went. And on, and on, and on. At some point we were in a neighborhood, in like someone's back yard. Then asking for directions. 15 miles later after Ryan's bike battery died, and WE almost died riding our bikes through a canyon HIGHWAY to Muir Woods, we made it. It was beautiful and glorious and everything we thought it would be. We almost forgot we had to ride  our bikes back.

After we enjoyed a few hours at Muir Woods, we climbed the mountain highway back to Sausalito. It was a gorgeous ride. The weather was perfect, and the view was to die for. Which we almost did. There was so much traffic on that road back, I didn't think we were going to make it. Seriously. But it definitely made some good memories and laughs. Like the time we pulled up to a stop sign and I tried to race a road biker. Or the time I dusted out Ryan while pretending to be Nacho Libre on my electric bike.
Loved this view from my airplane window on the ride home. Goodbye Golden Gate Bridge.

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