Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oakley E.

It is so sad for me to think you won't be this small forever. Not even for the next 6 months. This time comes and goes all too quickly. I just love, love you at this stage...well, to be honest, I have loved all your stages. But this is what I want to remember about you, now, in this moment:
You're smile. Whether big or small, you always have a grin to greet me with. Well, anyone for that matter. You are always happy, always giggling, and toddling around. I love the way you look at me. We speak without words, and it is almost miraculous what we say to one another.

The littlest things excite you. Your body tenses up, you squeeze your hands in your lap & point your toes. I love it. Your favorite part of the day is when G comes home and Daddy walks through the door. You go crazy with excitement! You run to them with open arms and wet kisses. I love those daily reunions.

I love catching you looking this way. Innocent, sweet, with your lips puckered. I love your big, whatever color they are- eyes and round cheeks.

I want to remember the way you feel. So, so cuddly. Your long fluffy eyelashes, soft chubby cheeks, toothy smile, soft skin, and yes, if I have to admit it, bald. With a patch of raspy hair in the back. AKA: The rat's nest.

The way your long eyelashes rest on your cheeks.and you put your chin into your chest when you concentrate.

The way you climb. on. everything. Yes, everything. I have caught you in so many random places that you have climbed up on to. No matter how often I clean your little feet, they are always dirty with some little adventure you have been on.

Your chubby fingers. And wrists full of sparkle. You have gotten to be pretty good at using your fingers to eat, clap, blow kisses, hug, and sign.

This is my favorite. You make the exact face Dad does when he "zones out".

And this. Yes, crazy, but true. I love the way you cry. When you get so absolutely frazzled over the smallest things, not being about to climb in a dress, pick up something heavy, eat something of the floor, open a cupboard. Eyes squeezed shut, mouth open wide and hands in a fist. It is so gosh darn cute. Maybe because secretly I want to scream out like that when I am mad. And I love seeing your almost teeth. So, so cute.

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  1. so glad i decided to type in your blog address! i love your family! SSO SOO DARLING! I have no doubt you love your life and your family most and that is evident in your blog! LOVES!!! OXOXO!