Monday, June 27, 2011

your story

Oh little girl. Let me tell you your sweet little story. We have dreamed about you for a very, very long time. I asked Daddy to stay home & help me with G's birthday party on Monday. We spent the morning getting the house all clean and set up for the party. I was so busy, I didn't even have time to eat (comes in handy later). All the guests arrived and the party went on as expected, until my doctor's office called and asked me to come in... right then. Yikes, I wasn't even close to ready. I left the party before it was over and went to my doctor's office. He put me on a monitor, then told me he would deliver you that night!!! I definitely was not prepared. He told me because I hadn't eaten anything, I would be able to deliver you that night at 5:00pm. He told me to go straight to the hospital and check in. WOW! I didn't see that coming! :) I ran home and packed a small bag for us and meet dad.... all the while thinking about how we haven't decided on a name yet! Daddy was so, SO excited! I was growing a little nervous, yet anxious to meet you. Together we checked into the hospital. You were born at 5:24 pm. You weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces. We were overwhelmed with joy as you entered this world. What an amazingly spiritual experience, we will never forget. We were in love with you instantly. G and P couldn't keep their eyes off you. Welcome to the world sweet baby girl!

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