Saturday, August 20, 2011

When we're helping...we're happy.

Oh Pyper, you came running to me after your bath holding Oakley's matching pajamas begging me to try them on her. You were so persistent.... and guess what?! They fit. You were thrilled. You absolutely could NOT stop smiling, you begged and begged for us to take pictures. How cute are you two?! :)

It's official... we have a helper on our hands. Pyper Jane. As I was taking photos of Oakley,  I had her laying on the floor. I forgot something and quickly went to get it, I told you I would be right back. As I was walking back I heard a HUGE gasp come out of Gaje. He screamed at me, "PYPER PICKED UP OAKLEY!!!!!!" As I bolted it back to where I left her, I saw you standing with our tiny newborn bouncing her on your hip. You looked at me and said, "Oh, it's otay. She was crying, but now she's happy!" With a huge grin on your face as our baby's head flopped around and around unsupported.

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