Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Where A Kid Can Be A Kid... and so can Ryan"

I caved. I went against everything I said I would NEVER do. I took Gaje to Chuck E. Cheese for birthday number five. Oh, dang. The kids actually had a lot of fun, as well as the adults... really. When we started singing Happy Birthday to Gaje, I couldn't find Ryan. Everyone else was there but him. I was a tad bit worried. I looked across the party place to find him playing a game. When I asked him 'what the heck he was doing' he told me 'he was winning more tickets for "Gaje"'. Right. :) I'm just glad everyone had a good time. Thanks to all those who came and supported Gaje at his birthday party!
Birthday Boy (with his inflatable bday crown with tokens...SAH-WEET) and Jaxon

Cousins! Kacie, Rhett, Gaje, Bentley & Dillon

Kacie and Pyper (yes, she is barefoot)

Beautiful Erin & Kade

Bentley & Talen in the MONSTER TRUCK!!

The Party Crew! Mom, Gma, Lexie, Hannah, Leslie

Ryan... need I say more?!

The awesome Monster Truck Cake from Aunt Josie!

Chuck & Gaje

Pyper trying her luck at Dance, Dance Revolution!


  1. That made me laugh...remember that Ryan is a guy, they're all the same, complete and utter children LOL!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Gaje!!!!!