Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Flood

***Warning: Child captured on camera, is not as innocent as she appears.***

Getting ready in the morning, one of the crazy busiest times of the day. We were rushing to get ready one morning. I put waffles in the toaster oven for the kids, and told Gaje, "When it beeps, that means it's done. Come get me when it beeps and I will dish up." He of course was on the job. Thirty seconds later he got distracted and came into my bathroom where I was getting ready to tell me a story. Pyper is our shadow, and usually not too far behind one of us. She came flying in the bathroom about a minute after Gaje did, screaming and shaking. She was babbling something at the top of her lungs. "Pyper, shh. Gaje is telling a story." I told her. She wasn't having it, she pulled at my hand, pointing toward the hall. I told Gaje, "Go see if the timer went off. I doubt it, because I literally set it a minute ago." "Oh, yeah!" Gaje remembered. He ran down the hall, and Pyper gripped my leg tighter. Whatever. I rush to finish getting ready. Gaje comes running into the bathroom, screaming and shaking. "AAAHHHHH! There is something SCARY out there!!! It's coming, it's coming!" Then the timer finally goes off. Five minutes is up. Crap. I am freaked out immediatly, especially because of the police incedent. Seriously. I am thinking, did the toaster oven have something in it that caught on fire?! Is someone in the house?! I run down the hall as fast as I can. As I turn the corner to the kitchen, Gaje buries his face in my shoulder and Pyper follows. I. STEP. INTO. ONE. FULL. INCH. of WATER. Pyper points to the floor and says, "Uh, oh." I said, "PYPER!" She immediatly ran and got on her bed, and punished herself. There was a stool next to the kitchen sink, she had stepped on and turned the faucet on. It got her wet and she didn't like it one bit, so she got down to tell me to turn it off. When I sent Gaje in to inspect, and he came back screaming. In his mind, it was coming... in the kitchen, down the hall, everywhere. I asked Gaje as we were cleaning why he said it was "scary". He said, "Because I knew you would fink I did it, and I would get in trouble!" Let's ring in the holidays with terrible twos. Thanks for the flood Pyper!


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  1. They are never as innocent as they look!hee.. Two year olds should come with instructions..hee again--but I am serious!