Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"Napoleon...give me some of your tots..."

Okay, so! Today, the kids and I were over at Nana & Papas house working on some things. Papa and Gaje took lunch orders and went and got all the girls lunch... thanks again you two! They came back with GAJE'S favorite choice of food (the girls were out-voted) Sonic. In Gaje's "wacky pack" were some tater tots. Apparently Gaje has never had them before.... shocker! What kid has never had tots by 4 years old?! Crazy...well actually not so much, we don't usually have fast food. So, any ways! Gaje devoured his tots, at about half way through the container, he noticed his chicken strips. Confused Gaje held the chicken strip up and asked, "Are these MY chicken strips too?!" We told him yes, also confused at this point. He looked down at the tots and said, "Oh, HA! I thought these were my chicken strips! HA!" I am thinking, "who is this kid?!" So I explained that tater tots were kind of like french fries. Gaje holds up at tot and shows Pyper, "Hey Pyps! I like PETER TOTS, how 'bout you?!" I am sure "peter tots" will be in our Sonic order from now on.

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