Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Times

Family Reunion was a blast. With a capital B. But seriously... it was pretty fun. Our family was in charge of the lunch. Dad and Doug Rucker made super yummy brisket. It was fun making sure it was good enough to serve. Thanks to the boys, Ryan and I the dutch oven potatoes weren't too bad either. Don't be too jealous of our sweet knife skills. We had fun cutting them up and laughing.... pretty sure Molly had just as much fun watching... haha!Good Times. Thanks Grandma, for giving me the pleasure of making my first Texas Sheet Cake, and thanks to those who helped me "taste test" it! The Hill family made Easter super fun as well. We are so blessed to have two wonderful families and friends.

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  1. Hey, hill family! Nice ring to it ya know. The reunion looked like fun especially in the rain.